What’s In It For You?

Tomson Steel provides close tolerance precision slit coil, pattern sized sheets, precision blanks, technical laboratories, and metallurgical support. We sell to a variety of industries and markets including automotive, stampers, tubers, rollformers, fabricators, distributors, and others.


With comprehensive quality assurance programs and ISO 9001-2000 certification, we’re committed to providing the highest quality steel products. You can count on getting the right size, the right slit, and the right ductility. In fact, we guarantee that we will provide problem-free material to our customers because our policy is to do it right the first time.

We avoid challenges that customers often experience with other providers by doing our homework up front. Beyond simply delivering on specifications, we take the extra step to ask questions up front to ensure that we spec the right materials for your needs—even the needs you may not initially be aware of.

Honesty & Professionalism

Our customers tell us that we deliver at a higher level than other providers because of our depth of knowledge of the steel industry. As a family-owned and operated provider, we are proud to hold true to our values for our business. Our core values are to have flexibility with our customers, to provide responsible pricing, to be honest and straightforward, to continually invest in our business, to take a hands-on approach to managing and running our business, and finally to provide quality products.In fact, we make a point only to hire people who can add value to our organization: people who care about their work and buy into our commitment to providing personalized service.

As our industry continues to change and become less focused on customers, one thing remains constant: Tomson serves as a tried and true partner you can rely on.

Customer Service

We devote all our attention to our customers—always putting your needs first. We keep enough inventory on hand to complete many rush requests in addition to our existing log of orders. Our responsiveness and flexibility often spoil our customers who get used to our guaranteed turnaround time for proposals.

Strategic Partnership

In a volatile market, it helps to have a strategic partner who allows you to take advantage of any opportunity to minimize overhead expenses by establishing proactive plans for purchasing steel whenever possible. This approach can help secure the best pricing and ensure the fastest delivery. Your partners at Tomson get to know you personally, as well as your business, so we can help you forecast your needs and work according to your preferences.